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Welcome to SteamRoomBracelet.com, my name is Chris and this is my recollection of the time I gave Sir Charles Barkley a bracelet in the steam room at a health club in Arizona.

I often saw Sir Charles at the health club, there were many celebrities that worked out there; I worked out next to (not with) the greatest Olympic champion, Michael Phelps, a couple times.

There was no one nicer and more cordial to people than Sir Charles;  while he was trying to get a sweat on countless people would interrupt him-men, women, and children; he was ALWAYS so nice to them.  

When I was in the steam room with Mr. Barkley he mentioned that he liked my bracelet, I attempted to brush it off with some cheap humor, but he was being genuine, and said “no I really like it”

I don’t know, but I would be willing to bet people ask Sir Charles for more than he gets in return, and I always recall in my mind how nice he is to others; so many people would always interrupt him when he was trying to get his sweat on. 

 As I got up from my seat in the steam room, I took the bracelet off and said to Sir Charles, “here you go, have a great day”

He said, “really?”  I said yes, have a great day, and away I went.  

I enjoy giving people gifts, and I probably feel better giving it then the person receiving it (thanks Mom).

After the great exchange I didn’t think much of it, I was just pumped that I had given my bracelet to Charles Barkley and that he actually liked it.

Well, a couple weeks later I received a text from a friend who asked if I was watching “Inside the NBA”, they are talking about you he said, they want to know if towels were on or off?

What was even cooler was that Sir Charles was wearing my bracelet on set! He even apologized for not knowing my name but said I was a “really nice guy”

Again, not thinking much about it, life went on; but more discussion ensued, more videos were made – a cartoon, a Lyft commercial, and then the podcast.

When I saw that Ernie, Chuck, and Tim had named their podcast after my interaction with Sir Charles, I knew I had to reach out to see if we could do something fun and positive.

My goal is to present Sir Charles with a new bracelet and give back to our world to make it a better place.

Visit steamroombracelet.com, buy a bracelet for you and a loved one, proceeds will benefit Autism Bridges and a charity of Sir Charles’ choice; together we can make a difference one steamy bracelet at a time.

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